About us

Agrodunai Ltd has been created in order to support mid-sized agricultural companies to enter into the Russian, Kazakh, Belarussian market. We grant support in registration for seeds and agrochemicals, help you to find the right importer and distributor, promote your products at distributor- and enduser-level, give you advice about needs of the markets, help you to find the right people once you have decided to work here at a sustainable level, provide you with market data etc…

In a nutshell, we offer all what is important for the success of a mid-sized agricultural company in Russia and neighbouring markets. So we are ready to represent you and your interests.

For more information, please contact us under: info@agrodunai.com

At the time being, Agrodunai Ltd is representing the Serbian company Agrosava, producer of agrochemicals and seeds, on the markets in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The production site of Agrosava in Simanovci, Serbia

From April 1, 2019, on Agrodunai is also acting as agent for the well known agrochemical company Nufarm for the Russian market.

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