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Chemical Agrosava, Serbia

Chemical Agrosava was founded in 1990 in Belgrade/Serbia. From the very beginning, the guiding idea was the creation of a specialized company in the field of plant protection. This idea has led to partnership and close cooperation with several multinational companies, which continues to this day.

In 1996 our company started production in a small plant in Šimanovci, 25 km away from Belgrade. Today, at this location, there is one of the most modern factories in the eastern part of Europe for the formulation of granular (GR, WDG), liquid (SC, EC, SL, FS, OD and EW) and powdery (WP) pesticides, seed processing center with seed dryer and seed storage with 5,000 pallet places, plastic packaging production plant, printery, laboratories, as well as the distribution center for pesticides on 1.6 ha.

In 2004 a breeding house AS hibridi was established within Chemical Agrosava, which is specialized in corn selection and breeding, and, starting from 2016, in selection and breeding of wheat. For this relatively short period, more than 60 corn hybrids have been registered and sown, aside from Serbia, on increasingly larger areas from France to Iran. We were the first to register hybrid wheat and made a  big step forward when it comes to cereal production.

Since 2005, we have introduced the integrated quality system (ISO 9001), environment protection (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 18001).

Since 2014, the seed quality testing laboratory has been accredited in accordance with SRPS ISO/IES 17025:2006 for the methods of sampling and testing seeds of cereals, industrial and fodder plants. Chemical Agrosava meets the highest global standards in the production of pesticides, water-soluble fertilizers, foliar nutrients and plastic packaging, in the production and processing of all plant species, as well as in the service provision in the field of formulation, packaging and storage of pesticides.



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